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PolyUrbanWaters Band 1 'Living With Water' published by BerlinUP

PolyUrbanWaters 1 - Living with water

PolyUrbanWaters 1 - Living with water

The first volume of the multi-volume monograph 'PolyUrbanWaters' has been published by BerlinUP Books. 

News from Jun 12, 2024

'Living With Water' uses various case studies to explore the topics of urban planning, urban water management and their influence on key sectors. It focusses on an integrative approach to establish a link between theory and practice. 

'Living With Water' is published exclusively online in open access. The publication can be accessed via the BerlinUP Webshop and the DepositOnce repository (https://doi.org/10.14279/depositonce-20080).

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