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Services for editors

BerlinUP Journals supports you in publishing an scientific open access journal. This service is free of charge for affiliates of the Berlin University Alliance. Our scholar-led publishing services thus offer you an opportunity to create new publication venues that are oriented towards the standards of open science. Due to our institutional funding, our journals do not charge article processing charges to contributors. In addition, editors of existing journals are given the opportunity to switch to an open access publishing model.

Our journals are based on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) publishing software. This serves both the editorial workflows (backend) and the web-based presentation of your journal's content to readers (frontend). The editorial workflows include comprehensive processes for submission, review, production and publication with role and rights management as well as integrated communication channels between editors, authors and reviewers.

We provide you with a ready-to-use basic setup of your BerlinUP Journal, which allows for individual configuration. We take care of the hosting and software support for you, ensure a high visibility of your journal and support you in the long-term archiving of your publications. We are available to advise you every step of the way and are also happy to offer training and workshops.

Modellzeitschrift BerlinUP Webseite

The Modellzeitschrift BerlinUP offers an insight into the structure, functions and design options of BerlinUP Journals, the journal section of Berlin Universities Publishing. For a better look and feel, the content of the website and the issues are provided with placeholders, some of which explain or illustrate their own function. The Modellzeitschrift BerlinUP is based on the Open Journal Systems software and at the same time represents the standard offer of BerlinUP Journals. We will be happy to advise and support you in setting up and customizing your journal.

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For the implementation of BerlinUP Journals, we use the publication software Open Journal Systems (OJS), developed by the North American Public Knowledge Project (PKP). This is the world's best-known open-source software solution for managing and publishing scientific journals. All our journals in BerlinUP Journals are based on OJS version 3.3 and are regularly updated.

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We work with you to determine the specific needs of your journal and provide you with the OJS publication software as a ready-for-use browser-based application. The publication software serves both the editorial workflows (backend) and the web-based presentation of your journal's content to readers (frontend). Afterwards, we support you with all technical questions. Our services for you include the following:

  • Consultation
  • Basic setup of the OJS publishing software
  • Setting up your journal website under its own web address
  • Configuration of additional functionalities via plugins
  • Definition of user roles
  • Operation and maintenance of the software
  • Version updates and patches
  • Software support

To make your BerlinUP journal more visible to the scientific community as well as to libraries, we support you in integrating your journal into the following relevant journal databases in German-speaking and international countries:

  • Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)
  • Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB)
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Additionally, we increase the visibility of your published journal articles in relevant search engines (e.g., BASE, Google Scholar) and other reference tools through our standardised metadata and interfaces for their exchange.

To ensure clear attribution, reliable findability, and long-term availability of your journal articles, we support you in assigning persistent identifiers and preparing them for long-term archiving:

  • Advice on assigning an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for your journal.
  • Configuration of the automatic assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for your journal issues or contributions.
  • Option of linking to Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCID) for the contributors to your journal.
  • Support in preparing for long-term archiving via the German National Library.

As the journal section of the open access publisher Berlin Universities Publishing, we are committed to the standards of open science. All journals at BerlinUP Journals publish according to the following principles of open access:

  • Immediate and permanent free access to publications
  • Transparent indication of an open Creative Commons licence (our recommended standard: CC BY)
  • Contributors retain the rights to use their work
  • No publication fees or Article Processing Charges (APC) for contributors.

We are glad to offer you advice on the selection and specification of licences, on compliance with the requirements of funding bodies and other institutions, and on general questions regarding open access publishing.

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To familiarise the editorial staff of your journal with the workflows of the OJS publishing software, we offer training courses and workshops on the following topics:

  • Journal management and configuration options
  • User and role administration
  • Publication process: submission, peer review, editing, and publication
  • Visibility and distribution of journals
  • Extended functions through plugins
  • OJS community: documentation, tutorials, forum, and support

Further training topics can also be agreed upon individually with your editorial team if required. In the long term, we provide support and advice to our journal editors.

Berlin Universities Publishing (BerlinUP) is based on institutional funding supported by the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). Our BerlinUP Journals services are therefore available to you free of charge as a BUA affiliate.

Additionally, you perform the following services on your own responsibility:

  • Application for an ISSN
  • Adaptation of the design and creation of a logo for your journal
  • Designing an individual design and logo for your journal
  • Carrying out the peer review process
  • Typesetting, editing, and proofreading
  • Layout and formatting of publications (e.g., PDF)

We will be delighted to advise you on these fields of work.


If you are interested in our services for BerlinUP Journals, please contact us at: journals@berlin-universities-publishing.de