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Second book title published by BerlinUP: CA²RE+ 3 - Frameworks of Design-Driven Research


The third volume, created by the collaborative project CA²RE+ (Community for Artistic and Architectural Research) was published at BerlinUP. We are pleased that the collective, which self-published the first two volumes, has chosen our publishing house to complete the project!

News from Mar 17, 2023

After the six conferences for artistic and architectural research CA²RE+ has contributed substantially to the fact that design-driven research today is a widely established and scientifically accepted research method on most European countries. This become clear by the large number of universities and scientific institutes that have participated in CA²RE+ conferences and research projects. The book offers an overview of the topics of the last two conferences in Ljubljana and Delft and also expresses recommendations and conclusions from the partners involved in the project. The book is edited by Ignacio Borrego, Ralf Pasel and Jürgen Weidinger from the Institute of Architecture at the TU Berlin. The publication, which is published exclusively online, is available in full text via the BerlinUP webshop and the repository DepositOnce (https://doi.org/10.14279/depositonce-16476).

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