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Mission statement

Berlin Universities Publishing (BerlinUP) is the open access publisher of Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin in the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

BerlinUP enables the scientists of the BUA institutions to publish the results of their research activities in quality-assured and open access monographs and journals. At the same time, BerlinUP supports open access publishing with consulting services. Members of the BUA use BerlinUP to make the results of their scientific work freely available worldwide to international researchers and the interested public in accordance with the principles of open access. In doing so, the specific requirements of subject-specific publication cultures are taken into account, and the open access transformation of existing publications is promoted. To this end, BerlinUP strives to cooperate with other publishers and publication service providers.

BerlinUP is an academic, non-commercial, open access publisher for all disciplinary foci of the Berlin research landscape. Publishing with BerlinUP does not require a high level of funding for individual scientists or research projects. BerlinUP deliberately sets itself apart from profit-oriented, commercial publishers and strives for a publication model that is free of charge for publishers and readers in the sense of diamond open access. In this way, the publishing house follows the demands of scientific organizations and funding agencies to enable freely accessible first publications with science-related publication infrastructures of public institutions.

BerlinUP is operated by the libraries of the BUA and corresponds to the contemporary self-image of university libraries to provide sustainable infrastructures and services for scientific publishing.

BerlinUP is actively engaged in a sustainable, quality-focused, and cost effective transformation of scholarly publishing to open access. This includes moving away from exclusively quantitative indicators for evaluating scientific quality or even ranking publishers. Supported by a scientific advisory board, BerlinUP takes an active role in the standardization of science-related quality requirements and program development.

BerlinUP contributes to the necessary diversity of the publication landscape and expands the choices scientists have in publishing their research results.