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Rights and licences

As the author, you grant the publisher simple, nonexclusive rights of use. This means that you are free to grant other parties simple rights of use and, if necessary, to publish the work elsewhere in print or electronically, either in full or in excerpts.

BerlinUP Books recommends that you use the Creative Commons CC BY licence for open access books. Under the condition that the name of the copyright holder (author or editor) is named, this licence allows you to reproduce and distribute the content. Adaptations may be made and distributed. The content may be used commercially. Text and data mining are permitted.

The bibliographic metadata are distributed under CC Zero (CC0). They may thus be retrieved and stored by anyone. They can be made available to third parties, in enriched form if necessary or in parts.

As an author, you contractually assure BerlinUP that you will not violate the rights of third parties (copyright and personal rights) with the publication and that you have obtained the necessary rights of use. The publisher will work closely with you to prevent infringements of third-party rights.

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