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1. Who can publish with BerlinUP Books?

BerlinUP Books services are mainly provided for researchers at Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, and Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Nevertheless, authors from external institutions are also welcome to publish with BerlinUP Books.

2. How can I submit a proposal or manuscript?

Please fill out the proposal form with basic information regarding your project. After a positive response to the proposal, you can submit the manuscript in PDF format via a suitable file transfer system (e.g., tubCloud, GigaMove, and WeTransfer).

3. Who decides which books will be published?

BerlinUP Books reviews your proposal and submits it to the Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board checks whether the manuscript fits into the publishing program.

The inclusion of a publication in one of the existing series is made by the editors of the series.

Furthermore, all BerlinUP Books publications must have undergone a defined quality assurance process. The editors are responsible for this. For single publications and monographs, peer review is organised by the publisher.

4. Who owns the copyright to books published by BerlinUP Books?

The copyright is retained by you as the author. You grant the publisher simple, nonexclusive rights of use. This means that you are free without limitation to grant other parties simple rights of use and to use or publish the work in whole or in parts elsewhere.

5. What rights do the users of my publication have?

The recommended licence for BerlinUP Books book publications is the Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0. This licence allows third parties to distribute, modify, and combine a work with other works, including commercially, as long as the author of the original is credited. The rights of the author are preserved by the obligation to mention the author's name.

6. Who is responsible for obtaining the rights to copyrighted material?

As the author, you are responsible for obtaining the rights to use copyrighted material. You assure the publisher that you hold the copyright to all parts of the work and that the rights of third parties, particularly copyrights and personal rights of third parties, are not violated by the publication.

7. How long does the publication process take?

The length of the publication process depends on the review process and the range of publishing services provided. We will discuss an individual production schedule with you.

8. How can I support the marketing as an author?

BerlinUP strongly encourages you to promote your own publications. Please use all available options, for example, personal websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.