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Financing model

 Affiliated authors according to § 43 BerlHG

Standard services

  • Close author support
  • Advice on licensing, discussion of legal issues
  • Agreements with scientific advisory board and series editors
  • Organisation of academic quality assurance processes (peer review, formal lektorship, and others)
  • Organisation of typesetting/layout and image editing
  • Procurement and coordination of additional services (grammatical lektorship, proofreading, print)
  • Calculation, cost estimates
  • Formal and technical quality assurance
  • Preparation of inside front cover, imprint, cover
  • Open access online publication incl. enhanced data
  • Meta data management
  • Digital preservation
  • Referencing in national and international bibliographic and library databases
  • Distribution, Marketing
  • Organisation of ordering procedures and distribution of print copies
free of charge  

Additional services

Typesetting/layout (recommended!) subject to a charge

Own funds
third-party funds
OA monograph funds

grammatical Lektorship / Specialised editing / proofreading ... subject to a charge


  • Books on Demand
  • others
Start edition if necessary subject to a charge Own funds
third-party funds (not eligible for funding via OA monograph funds)
Standard services
  1. For authors, affiliated with one of the four participating institutions (according to § 43 BerlHG) the standard services are available free of charge.
  2. External authors pay a fixed rate for the standard services.
Additional services

BerlinUP Books explicitely recommends you to make use of the high-quality external additional services arranged by the publisher. BerlinUP Books is the contractual partner of the respective service providers. We invoice the costs either to the authors/editors or to the respective institutes/chairs. It may be possible to finance the OA-indexed costs from local publication funds.

Publication funds for open access books of the participating institutions:

Either - or: Typesetting and layout
  1. To ensure high quality publications, we strongly recommend you to use typesetting and layout (including the associated editorial revision) as an additional external service.
  2. Under certain circumstances, the authors can also ensure the typesetting/layout themselves. The publisher then performs a formal lektorship and improves the manuscript in an iterative process together with the authors until it is ready for publication. This services are free of charge.