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Inclusion of books in the publishing program

Admission criteria

  • Editors: In the case of series and edited volumes, there must be a named editorial board. By signing the publishing contract, the editors confirm that they are responsible for the quality assurance of the publications.

  • Quality assurance: The editors of publication series and edited volumes confirm that they organise quality assurance themselves and use a procedure, which is well established and widely accepted in their respective field of research (usually peer review). For monographs, BerlinUP organises a peer review process. Perspectivally, open peer review concepts will also be established. The quality assurance process applied for each title will be transparently displayed.
  • Topicality: Usually, research results presented in a book should not be older than 5 years. 
  • Innovative publication formats: BerlinUP explicitly supports and advocates innovative publication formats. 
  • Ethical principles: BerlinUP's activities are commited to the DFG's guidelines for safeguarding good research practice.
  • Distinct title: The title of the intended publication should give potential readers a first impression of the objective and content of the work.
  • Academic focus: The spectrum of content can span the entire range of research conducted at the four participating institutions. 
  • Academic quality: For the final acceptance into the publishing program, the approval of the scientific reviewers is required. 
  • Thematic differentiation: When submitting an application, the editors and authors mus clearly explain how their publication projects differ from existing literature. This applies particular to new series.
  • Target audience(s): The target audience, to which a publication is directed should be clearly identifiable from the proposal. It should also be clearly addressed.
  • Granting of rights to the general public: Books at BerlinUP are published under a creative commons licence (CC BY). 

Reasons for rejection

  • Theses: First publications of dissertations and theses will not be included in the publishing program.
  • Previous publication: Projects that have already been published in their current form by another publisher or on another platform will not be included in the publishing program.

In principle, the revised resubmission of a book proposal is possible (for workflow see Downloads).


We are happy to offer you advise on issues related to the submission and publication process at BerlinUP Books. Contact us at: books@berlin-universities-publishing.de