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Make it easy for yourself! – 5 tips for self-archiving

  1. If possible, only transfer non-exclusive use rights to publishers and other publication services, but not exclusive use rights. In this way, you ensure the possibility of self-archiving without even having to check whether it is permitted.
  2. Always store publishing contracts and manuscripts (including different versions) properly and with documentation on your computer to avoid having to search for information and the full text for a self-archiving.
  3. Publish your publications as preprints even prior to the eventual publication (in a journal or in an edited volume), for example on a dedicated preprint server. (However, check beforehand whether the journal you have chosen does not stipulate this as an exclusion criterion for accepting the publication).
  4. Make publishing preprints or subsequent self-archiving part of the writing, submission and publication process. Are you submitting an article to a journal? Take the relatively short time to also publish your manuscript as a preprint! Has your article been accepted for publication in a journal or edited volume? Why not self-archive it on a repository right away!
  5. Ask the library at your institution for support and help with self-archiving. Often there are consultation services and sometimes the library even does the job for you.