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Where can I publish my book open access? How do I find a trustworthy publisher?

Commercial, scholar-led, and university publishers offer the option of publishing a book or the contribution to an edited volume open access. The costs of publishing open-access books are not settled by selling the publications, as has been the case in the past. Instead, commercial publishers often charge the authors so-called book processing charges (BPC). The BPC varies greatly depending on the publisher and the range of services offered. It is therefore advisable to compare several publishers' offers.

A publisher should provide clear information on its website about the services it offers and their costs. If you cannot find this information, ask specifically.

Reputable publishers define themselves by sufficient quality assurance through review processes, such as peer review or editorial review. The following criteria and tools for evaluating a publisher's trustworthiness are recommended:

  • The publisher provides detailed information on workflow, rights transfer, and costing, including open access costs.
  • The publisher follows the quality standards of the AG Universitätsverlage.
  • The publisher meets the quality standards of the community (e.g., DOAB, OASPA). Before submission, check if your preferred publisher is a member of OASPA and/or listed with DOAB.
  • Another resource is the Think.Check.Submit checklist. Answering questions and using linked databases will help you decide if a publisher is trustworthy.