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How does the selection of a licence work in practice?

If, for example, an article submitted to an open-access journal is accepted for publication or a book manuscript is accepted by a publisher for open access publication, the choice of a Creative Commons licence is necessary before final publication. In the case of journal articles, the licence selection is usually made by the authors as part of a sometimes automated publication process; however, the licence may be predefined for the journal, so that in such a case, the authors primarily confirm the selection of a licence. In the case of books, the licence selection is usually made by the authors in the course of communication with a publisher and is finally agreed upon in a publication contract. In the case of open access publication of research reports, discussion papers, and theses (such as dissertations)—that is, types of publications that are preferably published via a publication server or repository—authors can select the licence as part of the publication process of the publication server or repository.