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Licences and their conformance with open access

Licences and their conformance with open access

Recommendation: CC BY

For scientific publications, the use of the CC BY licence is recommended.

Good for science! The CC BY licence is fully compliant with the principle of open access and enables a high degree of visibility and opens up extensive opportunities for reuse—which in turn enables the wide dissemination of your research, results, and ideas. The condition of the licence, namely, attribution, is standard practice in science when citing and reusing anyways.

In the spirit of open access! Open access does not only mean the free availability of scientific content online but also implies that content can be reused as freely as possible. Only in this way can truly free and open content be created—with an advantage not only for society but also for science itself: Since research and scientific work always build on the preliminary work of others, scientists and scholars also benefit from freely licensed content for subsequent use in their own works and should therefore also license their own content as freely as possible. The CC BY licence is the best way to ensure free reuse in this sense.

No restrictions! Refrain from licences that exclude modifications and/or commercial use. Works licensed in this way cannot be considered truly free and open. Many common and legitimate uses in science and education would be excluded.