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Authorship and affiliation

You should include your name and the institution at which you work in publications and other research results. The most important thing is how you provide this information so that it can be correctly identified and attributed and thus, for example, reliably evaluated in databases and by search engines. Frequent errors are, for example, incorrect spellings and translations of the proper name of an institution. Therefore, a few basic rules should be observed when stating authorship and affiliation.

Three steps to a correct affiliation statement

  1. Besides your name, enter your ORCID iD. (An ORCID iD is a unique identifier for researchers. If you do not already have one, you can register one in a few steps).
  2. Enter the name of your institution according to the institution's specifications. These are usually defined in a so-called affiliation policy.
  3. If possible, enter at least one standardised identifier for your institution (e.g., the ROR ID) or select your institution directly based on such an identifier.

If you work at several institutions, please note the individual affiliation guidelines as well as any guidelines for ranking several institutions.

Affiliation guidelines of the Berlin University Alliance institutions

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